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How about some Phygital activity?

Introducing phygital.

Not only a fun words that dances across the tongue but a concept that can keep even the shortest attention spans engaged- and with good reason. Proactive businesses and receptive consumers, totally immersed in the digital world, are driving organizations to challenge the approach of traditional marketing models to lead them to implement a marketing in which physical and virtual worlds can be easily unified.  Phytigtal takes the physical world and lets it mingle with digital, resulting in a marketing technique that consumers simply can't resist. This poses an obvious question: What is your brand doing to help bring together the digital and physical worlds?

Neiman Marcus's top down innovation strategy transformed retail and increased revenue.

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The largest international brands have taken a crack at it and are finding exquisite results. Coke recently introduced Coke's Freestyle Machine that allows every customer to mix and match flavors via an interactive touch screen. Thus making your soda-mixing dreams come true! Neiman Marcus has launched memory mirrors which allow customers to see a garment in multiple colors and angles without ever having to change and all in real time. McDonalds combines the physical and digital by transforming a billboard in Stockholm, Sweden. Essentially,  the billboard transforms into a massive pong board which allows passer-byers to connect using only their phone and location to play a short game on the big screen resulting in free goodies from Mcdonalds store. Who doesn't like game followed by a free snack?

Although the Phygital market is being led by the world's heavy hitting brands, there are ways for all brands to participate in the action. Something as simple as a photo booth becomes a phygital piece of marketing once captured on a consumer's phone and uploaded onto the internet with tags of your brand. Phygital marketing is all the rage in an industry that is changing faster than the attention span of the  audience.

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