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FaceApp:Simply fun or stealing your information?

Faceapp news

You have probably been seeing older people all over your newsfeed lately. Not because of a sudden influx of older users but because of a Russian face aging app called Faceapp. After gaining popularity in 2017, Faceapp allows their roughly 80 million users to add multiple effects to their photos, including age- but should users be concerned?

Speculations were raised after a tweet claiming user's photos were being uploaded to a Russian server without an obvious consent of the user hit the twittersphere.

Joshua Nozzi tweet about faceapp

The tweeter later stated he was simply trying to raise awareness around the fact the face app was helping itself to users information without their consent.

Elliot Alderson, a French cyber specialist, traced where exactly the information was being sent. He found that only the photos the users were choosing were being relayed back to the company servers, which are surprisingly located within the US, not Russia. Hosting records confirmed with Forbes that indeed the information was being relayed to Amazon data centers based in the US.

Should users still be concerned? It's not exactly a relief to know that your photos are being stored in a database; whether it be in Russia or otherwise. Faceapp claims the information is only stored to help better the quality of the app. If this leaves you feeling uneasy about how apps collect information, changing what data tools have access to your device is an option for concerned users.



Written by: Kara Bass

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